19. November 2012: "Young Tibetan father self-immolates in Tsekhog; officials warn Tibetans not to gather at cremations" Download PDF

(Kopie 1)

15. Dezember 2011: "Tibetan beaten to death by police in Labrang" Download PDF
4. November 2012: "Tibetan farmer self-immolates in Rebkong" Download PDF
13. Oktober 2012: "Grandfather of Tibetan reincarnate lama dies after self-immolation today" Download PDF
15. August 2012: "Local Tibetans beaten following three more self-immolations in Tibet" Download PDF
22. Februar 2012: "Lockdown in Lhasa at Tibetan New Year; unprecedented detentions of hundreds of Tibetans after Dalai Lama teaching in exile"

Download PDF

17. Juli2012: "Teenage monk and model student self-immolates in Tibet" Download PDF
15. Juni 2012: "Hundreds of Tibetans face down police to gather for cremation of Tibetan who self-immolated today" Download PDF

(Kopie 2)

10. Februar 2012: "Tibetan who self-immolated in Ngaba was 19-year old former monk"

Download PDF

1. Juni 2012: "Detentions, fear after Lhasa self-immolations; prayer gathering in Dzamthang" Download PDF
1. Mai 2012: "Chinese government addresses unrest in Tibet with threats and cash to informants" Download PDF
19. April 2012: "Two young Tibetan men die after self-immolation protest in Ngaba region" Download PDF
17. April 2012: "Vivid new footage shows young Tibetan being beaten by police while on fire" Download PDF
30. März 2012: "Self-immolation of two Tibetan monks from Tsodun monastery, Ngaba" Download PDF
29. März 2012: "Tibetan self-immolations and their impact expand" Download PDF
21. März 2012: "Monks from Tsang monastery stage demonstration; call for accountability for the life of lama on hunger strike in New York" Download PDF
20. März 2012: "Kirti monk who self-immolated on March 16 dies in custody; 18-year old monk dies on March 10 in self-immolation protest" Download PDF
Tibet-Briefing, Juni 2007 Download PDF

14. März 2012: "Governments confront China at UN Human Rights Council" Download PDF
5. März 2012: "Third Tibetan self-immolation in three days" Download PDF
Tibet-Briefing, August 2007 Download PDF

5. März 2012: "Tibetan student and widowed mother self-immolate in Tibet" Download PDF
2. März 2012: "Tibetan demonstrators remain in detention in Kathmandu" Download PDF
22. Februar 2012: "Lockdown in Lhasa at Tibetan New Year; unprecedented detentions of hundreds of Tibetans after Dalai Lama teaching in exile" Download PDF
Tibet-Briefing, November 2008 Download PDF

19. Februar 2012: "Tibetans gather in Dzamthang for vigil after self-immolation: Lhasa crackdown deepens in buildup to Tibetan New Year" Download PDF
13. Februar 2012: "Footage and images of major peaceful gatherings and vigils in Yulshul on ‘Lhakar Day’" Download PDF
13. Februar 2012: "Nineteen year old Kirti monk sets fire to himself in Ngaba"

Download PDF

Tibet-Briefing, Januar 2009 Download PDF

12. Februar 2012: "Eighteen year old nun who self-immolated in Ngaba dies"

Download PDF

10. Februar 2012: "Tibetan who self-immolated in Ngaba was 19-year old former monk"

Download PDF

Tibet-Briefing, Mai 2009 Download PDF

9. Februar 2012: "China to UN expert group: Panchen Lama receiving "excellent education""

Download PDF

9. Dezember 2011: "Two senior monks detained at Kirti; Tibetans mark self-immolations during Buddhist festival" Download PDF
14. Dezember 2011: "Powerful video footage, images of armed crackdown in 2008 across Tibet; Eyewitness account of militarization of Lhasa today" Download PDF
8. Februar 2012: "Tibetan man self-immolates today in Ngaba"

Download PDF

1. Dezember 2011: "First self-immolation in Tibet Autonomous Region; former monk sets himself on fire" Download PDF
7. Februar 2012: "Serthar under lockdown following self-immolation of three Tibetan herders"

Download PDF

Tibet-Briefing, Juni 2009 Download PDF

23. November 2011: "Tibetan refugees confirm detentions by Nepalese border police and forcible return to Tibet" Download PDF
01. Februar 2012: "Harrowing images and last message from Tibet of first lama to self-immolate"

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Download PDF

3. November 2011: "Tibetan nun self-immolates today in Kardze: continued resistance despite Chinese crackdown" Download PDF
01. Februar 2012: "Crackdown in Golog after protests; laypeople attempt to protect monks" Download PDF
28. Oktober 2011: "11th self-immolation in Tibet; Kardze monk sets fire to himself during religious ceremony" Download PDF
31. Januar 2012: "Evidence of overt Chinese discrimination against Tibetans in the job market" Download PDF
21. Oktober 2011: "Tibetan nun dies following self-immolation protest" Download PDF
27. Januar 2012: "Tibetan student killed, several injured, after police open fire in Ngaba; news of two more prayer vigils for New Year" Download PDF
18. Oktober 2011: "Tibetan community leaders detained for questioning in Kathmandu under Chinese influence" Download PDF
25. Januar 2012: "‘New Year of Mourning’ in Tibet: Police again open fire killing Tibetan" Download PDF
Tibet-Briefing, Oktober 2007 Download PDF

16. Oktober 2011: "Self-immolations continue in Tibet; 8th young Tibetan man sets fire to himself in Ngaba"

Download PDF
23. Januar 2012: "Three Tibetans shot dead on first day of Chinese New Year" Download PDF
11. Oktober 2011: "Kirti Rinpoche speaks of self-immolations; death of two former Tibetan monks after immolation" Download PDF
18. Januar 2012: "New information on latest self-immolation, Tibetans critically injured by police" Download PDF
7. Oktober 2011: "Two Tibetan teenagers set fire to themselves in latest protest in Ngaba; ICT calls for urgent actions by governments" Download PDF
14. Januar 2012: "Escalation in Ngaba following self-immolation: Two Tibetans shot" Download PDF
3. Oktober 2011: "17 year old Tibetan monk from Kirti monastery self-immolates in new protest" Download PDF
12. Januar 2012: "Tibetans protest killing of Tibetan by police in Gansu" Download PDF
26. September 2011: "Two more Tibetan monks from Kirti monastery set themselves on fire calling for religious freedom" Download PDF
9. Januar 2012: "Tibetan self-immolations continue and spread in Tibet into 2012" Download PDF
23. September 2011: "Nepalese Supreme Court rules against forcible return of Tibetan refugees to Tibet" Download PDF
22. September 2011: "Nepal releases 23 Tibetan refugees to care of U.N., rejects Chinese request to forcibly and illegally return them to Tibet"

Download PDF
20. September 2011: "Chinese interference delays transit of 23 Tibetan refugees detained in Kathmandu as Nepalese PM meets world leaders in New York"

Download PDF
02. September 2011: "Tibetan scholar monk who gave torture testimony detained for fourth time"

Download PDF
31. August 2011: "Monks imprisoned for 10-13 years following self-immolation by Kirti monk"

Download PDF
25. August 2011: "Replacement of Communist Party hardliner Zhang Qingli sets up opportunity for more measured tone in TAR"

Download PDF
16. August 2011: "Troops surround monastery as Tibetan monk dies after setting himself on fire & calling for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet"

Download PDF
10. August 2011: "Chinese government imposes visit of its Panchen Lama on Tibetans: Troops surround Labrang Monastery"

Download PDF
5. August 2011: "Tibetan representative in Nepal detained following press conference"

Download PDF

29. Juli 2011: "Bold online appeals address persistent lead poisoning in Qinghai water supply"

Download PDF
1. Juli 2011: "Tibetan writer Tashi Rabten sentenced to four years in Ngaba"

Download PDF
28. Juni 2011: "New developments at Kirti Monastery; crackdown shows no sign of easing"

Download PDF
27. Juni 2011: "Dozens of Tibetans imprisoned in new wave of Kardze demonstrations: protest in Lhasa by Dargye monk"

Download PDF
Tibet-Briefing, Dezember 2009 Download PDF

24. Juni 2011: "Tibetans detained in Kathmandu following prayer vigil; Nepal yielding to Chinese pressure"

Download PDF
9. Juni 2011: "Official celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the “Peaceful Liberation of Tibet”: attendees and absentees"

Download PDF
26. Mai 2011: "Crackdown in Ngaba: monks detained for giving wrong answers in ‘patriotic education’" Download PDF
19. Mai 2011: "ICT statement : China’s propaganda on the 17-point agreement distorts history and impedes path to resolving the Tibet problem" Download PDF
9. Mai 2011: "Ngaba students protest crackdown, authorities respond; new information on deaths of Tibetans who tried to protect monks" Download PDF
29. April 2011: "Crackdown continues at Kirti as Chinese authorities maintain pretence of ‘normality’" Download PDF
22. April 2011: "Two elderly Tibetans killed as hundreds of monks detained from Kirti; crackdown deepens" Download PDF
20. April 2011: "Dramatic new footage reveals Ngaba crackdown, refutes Chinese claims of "normal life" Download PDF
15. April 2011: "List of prisoners and “disappeared” Tibetans in Ngaba crackdown: situation provokes U.S. government concern" Download PDF
15. April 2011: "Reconstruction of earthquake-hit area excludes Tibetan participation, ignores local concerns: one year on from earthquake"

Download PDF
13. April 2011: "Crisis at Kirti monastery intensifies: rare public statements by lama in exile"

Download PDF
11. April 2011: "Protests, tensions escalate in Ngaba following self-immolation of monk: Kirti monastery under lockdown" Download PDF
9. April 2011: "Bold protests in earthquake-hit area over government reconstruction plans" Download PDF
4. April 2011: "Death of second Tibetan monk tortured after protest during foreign reporters’ 2008 trip to Labrang monastery" Download PDF
Download PDF

Download PDF

Download PDF

Download PDF

15. Dezember 2011: "Tibetan beaten to death by police in Labrang" Download PDF